You know the Gandhi quote, “Think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”  Had he known us he may have revised it to “… try going to bed with a hot bowl of soup.”

Season One of Columbus Soup and Bread has come to a close.  Nine months of bringing passionate – and sometimes first time – soup makers together to serve up their creations to those who came … or rather just found themselves there at the right time.  The donation crock pot filled up with dollars that were many times destined for something else, but were graciously donated to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.  In the end we collected enough random cash to provide over 10,ooo meals.  All from the humble ladle.

Thank you to all the soup makers this season.  Thank you to Woodlands Tavern for hosting us and making a generous donation at the end of the season!!!  To the bands, Stone Soup, The Roman Kings and Behold the Man who graced the stage and brought their fans.  To Columbus Quiz Kids for helping us mix it up a bit and Pistacia Vera for the gift cards.  A special thank you to Barb Moros and Blair Bickel who I knew would rally behind it which gave me the confidence to try.  And Teri Williams who came with a new soup almost every time.   Thanks to Matt Swint from PerZoot,  who not only saved us most months by bringing his focaccia bread … but in general for just introducing the world to his focaccia bread.  Adrienne Hasty from Positively Cooking for her Chicken Tortilla soup that I now make at home often.  And for the constant support from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank to keep ladling each month and reminding us that every dollar counts.

That is the closest thing I have ever made to an award acceptance speech.  Where’s the after party?  Woodlands Tavern anyone?


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